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K & E

Design and Build custom Pet Enclosures

Catios and Dog

Enclosures LLC


About Us

K&E are Kari and Eric. For over 20 years Kari and Eric have been involved with pet care, pet fostering and meaningful volunteering making them uniquely qualified and equipped to design and build custom pet enclosures.


K&E's passion and emphasis is in providing comfort, safety and routine enrichment to the lives of their pets and yours! They pay strict attention to the smallest of details making the enclosure meld perfectly into your home and lifestyle.


K&E will work together with you and to your specifications to create the pet enclosure of your dreams. They strongly believe enclosures offer retreat and lifestyle expansion greatly improving all aspects of their lives as well as for the entire family.

We look forward to helping you today!

Why Do You Need a Pet Enclosure?

Enclosures help protect your pet from numerous dangers:

*wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons and bobcats 

*wandering and getting lost

*traffic or even just passing cars in your own neighborhood

*confrontation with feral or outdoor free-roaming domesticated animals that may carry disease

Enclosures enhance everyday lifestyle and freedoms for the furry members of your family:

*provides autonomy for your pet to come and go from the outdoors

*increases your pets living space and variety of environment

*healthy pets are happy pets, enclosure designs stimulate increased agility and fun

*promote curiosity and refreshment

We Love Our Clients

What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

"I would highly recommend K & E Catios and Dog Enclosures for your pets! My cats are having a great time jumping on the shelves and just being outside with me. I don't have to worry about wild animals getting to my cats or getting out to be hit by cars. it's comforting to know that they're safe and have access to the outdoors. We read outside everyday together!


Sandy B.

"Great Service"

"So relieved I chose to have the Catio built. It not only protects Keillen from feral cats in the neighborhood, but coyotes and other predators as well. With its attractive features it's also a family friendly conversation piece. The professional design and construction means my kitty will be able to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come, AND stay safe!"

Lori M.

"Kind & Loving"

"K&E leave no detail behind, after viewing all of the options, they took my needs and transformed them into a dream. My kitty is endlessly entertained, the outdoors is but a step away and i don't have to worry. I trust their advice on pet care which makes me confident my kitty is safe and secure in her Catio.

Thank You K&E!


Julie W.

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